Wednesday, October 28, 2009


hey everyone!!!
i just got these AWESOME toys called DUNNYS!!!

captian cloud:
a lone hero standing out from all others
a hero that is glowing pink....

devil is part of a biker club called
the devil robots and tonight they will ride...

an assassin who is made completly
out of paint....

a teenage pizza delivery boy whos brother
owns a pizza parlor called " barbarian pizza"

a emo rabbit and his trusty friend coney
who is a ice cream cone....

captian pinky:
this pirate isent only the best but
she is pink....

hope u all liked the photos!
if you are interested in buying these guys
go to\


Monday, October 12, 2009


sup everyone!
"this is halloween halloween" there is this awesome song from a band called "marilyn manson" its called this is halloween, yes i know that this is from the nightmare before christmas but it is like a rock/heavy metal/techno version! heres a link to it its awesome :)

see u guys