Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hey everyone!(start humming a herioc tune) every once in awhile i am going to do a post were i
talk about things that are going on right now and this post is one of them.... (u can stop humming now)

i... am exited cause i am going to see my favorite cousins for thanksgiving!

i... wanna squeeze my little sister!

i... wanna get a an awesome videogame called: call of duty world at war.

i... I WANT TO EAT!!!

and also i just wanted to talk about somthing
its kinda strange well here it is. ok so my friend ------ was always bossy but cool at the same time but now adays she is kinda more bossy...
and my friend ---- was never bossy till now....
( i am sorry if i offended anyone)
mabye i just need to see them more i am not sure. :-/

well i guess thats all for now
but hopfully another post tommorrow!


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