Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ok so i have not posted in a super long time and i want to apologize!!! =( Im sorry!
Ok so lots of thing have happened since the last post...
I have started going to school! Its really awesome lots of new friends! (An facebook friend request accepting Blaahhhrrgg) And also it t'was my birthday on the 4th i am now 12! Yeah im like so old now right??? xD

Anyway I really want to start posting more so I am gonna try to do it dayly? Weekly? On or the other!

Also I have died my hair partially blue!!!! Heres a photo...

Ya.... Its more black then blue....

But Its fading and I will most likely dye it again soon or something like that.

Thanksgiving is soon which means thanksgiving recess for school and thats good [=

Alrightyyy then people who have not given up all hope and still read my simply AMAZING blog I will see you guyz next time I post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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